Carpentersville, Illinois

A Great Place to Call Home

In 1837 the rising Fox River prohibited Charles and Daniel Carpenter from continuing their journey west.   They chose to stake claim and settle in the Fox Valley the region they called Carpenters Grove.   The town of Carpentersville was platted in 1851 by Charles Carpenter’s son, Angelo.  It was incorporated in 1887.    Angelo was quite a business person.   He converted a barn into a flannel factory.   Fabrics were woven, dyed and hung to dry along the river.

The Illinois Iron & Bolt Company was established as an iron foundry and blacksmith shop in 1864 by Carpenter.   Star Manufacturing, which produced agricultural machinery across the river on the east side, was soon acquired by Illinois Iron & Bolt.  Carpenter built a church, sponsored cultural events and housing for many of the German, Swedish and Polish immigrants that came to work in the factory.

The iron bridge north of the factory was built by Carpenter with his own funds after convincing the Chicago & North Western Railroad to extend its track from East Dundee.   This bridge still spans part of the Fox River today.    By 1912 Carpenter’s two businesses employed about 2000 people.   Star Manufacturing was still in operation in the 1970’s but it was in serious disrepair when it was purchased by OTTO Engineering in 1979.

In the 1950’s a local farmer named Leonard W. Bessinger began a subdivision community which he named Meadowdale.   He was unable to incorporate this as an independent town so he arranged to have Carpentersville annex the property.

With 2600 acres to work with, over 700 homes were built and sold in Meadowdale in the first two years alone.    The homes were priced well and had no basements.  Model homes were available for viewing and sales were strong.   By 1982, there were 6,000 homes and about 1,000 apartment units.   

The Meadowdale Shopping  Center went up in 1957 and Bessinger built a racetrack called Meadowdale Raceway in 1958.   It was used for motor racing from 1958 to 1968.    The land on which this track once stood was purchased in 1994 and now is home to the Raceway Woods Forest Preserve.

Carpentersville is thriving today. Meadowdale is being rejuvenated through the Homes By OTTO program and OTTO Engineering is the area’s largest employer with 500 full time employees.

1,100 acres of farmland west of Carpentersville was annexed in 1992 and as of 2010 the village population was over 38,000.

Carpentersville – A Great Place to Call Home.