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659 Jefferson (3)OTTO Engineering owner Tom Roeser’s mission to improve Carpentersville’s neighborhoods is gaining momentum. Watch the Homes by OTTO interview and read the article at entitled, “One man’s fight against foreclosures in Carpentersville”:

For the past 8 years, Tom Roeser has been purchasing foreclosed houses in dilapidated condition and completely rehabbing them inside and out. He typically spends over $100,000 on each restoration and then puts the homes back on the market. Roeser’s ultimate goal is to break even.

Why is he doing it? Tom will tell you it is because it benefits OTTO employees, many of which live in the area, it benefits the community and it benefits OTTO when its large customers come to visit. According to the article, “Every neighborhood in which he has bought and rehabbed homes seems to prosper. Other homeowners see what he has done and improve their own homes. Crime has gone down too, according to deputy police chief, Michael Kilbourne.”